List of Conferences

CTG Education provides a global platform for the provision
of progressive, cutting-edge, and credible nutrition education for health practitioners.

CTG Education instructors have come together to teach these online courses, they are constantly being asked to share their knowledge around the world through webinars, conferences, workshops, master classes and university programs. Below are the details of some of these additional educational opportunities.

List of Conferences attended in 2016

List of Conferences attended in 2015

 Translational Nutrigenomics™ Conference

13th February › Johannesburg, South Africa
Mapping Cutting-Edge Biochemistry to the Nutrigenomics Playing Field.
Prescription Decision-Making for the Nutrigenomics Clinician.

The MasterClass series

17th March › Melbourne, Australia
31st March › Perth, Australia
14th April › Brisbane, Australia
Exploring Solutions to Chronic Disease – the patient in the spoptlight

BioBalance “Mastering Brain Chemistry” conference

21st – 28th March › Surfers Paradise, Australia
Targeting ‘upstream’ solutions in Autistic Spectrum Disorder

American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A4M)

6th – 9th May › Hollywood FL, USA (TBC)
METABOLIC SYNDROME, is it the canary in the chronic disease coal mine?

MINDD International Forum

15th – 17th May › Sydney, Australia
A Clinically-trialled Nutrigenomic Strategy for addressing Autistic Spectrum Disorder (CLINICIAN TOPIC)
How a broccoli-derived bioactive compound can enhance neurological function in Autistic Spectrum Disorder (CONSUMER TOPIC)

The 9th Congress of the International Society of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics

May 17 – 19 › Chapel Hill NC, USA
The 2015 ISNN Congress will focus on translational nutrigenomic research and reports of use in clinical practice.

Integrative Medicine Clinicians Dinner Meeting

27th May › Perth, Australia
Clinical Gems, and other fascinating lessons from Nutrigenomics

IFM Annual International Conference. The “Omics’ Revolution: Nature and Nurture

May 28 – 31 › Austin Texas , USA
Translational Nutrigenomics
The field of Nutrigenomics represents the cutting edge of nutritional science, and the future of Food as Medicine. Absent from the current conversation however, is the critical translation piece between deeply customized nutrition advice and how we express that to the patient. In essence, without culinary translation, we are merely providing more nutrition advice. In this session, we’ll examine the Nutrigenomics conversation with the client, and provide practice-ready tools and educational techniques that translate this critical conversation to the plate.

List of Conferences attended in 2014

Nutrition in Medicine Conference

2nd – 4th May › Surfers Paradise, Australia
Managing oxidative stress-induced cellular disruption in cancer; a clinical perspective

IFM Annual Conference 2014

May 28 -31 › San Francisco CA , USA
Functional Perspectives on Food and Nutrition

WorldLink Medical

4th June
Nutrigenomics and the Age Management Practice

UQ Dept Agriculture – 3rd year Science Guest Lecture

22nd September
‘SUPERFOODS’ – A critical look at The superfood phenomenon  Nutrigenomics and the Age Management Practice: how to personalize treatment plans for hormone imbalances, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and more.

AMMG – Age Management Medicine Group

6th – 9th November › Las Vegas  NV, USA
Afer Estrogen Metabolism – Looking Through New Eyes
The Devil’s in the Dose

American Anti-ageing conference

November 14-16 › Dubai , UAE
Personalizing Nutrition with Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice